Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Brisbane Fairways Golf Club?
We welcome men and women of all ages who enjoy playing the game of golf. We currently have members who play with a handicap of 8 to 42 and welcome all standards of play.

Will I be able to get a handicap?
Brisbane Fairways Golf Club is a registered Club with Golf Queensland. All our members are required to obtain an official GolfLink Handicap with which the club will provide assistance. In doing so, your handicap will be maintained by GolfLink, all your insurance is covered and you are able to compete in club competitions at any Golf Club subject to their approval.

How much is membership with Brisbane Fairways Golf Club
Membership is $75 per year, due for renewal at the start of each year. Our club shirt is $35 also as a one-off purchase.

How much do games cost?
Please review our fixture List via the menu at the top of this page. All black games on the list are $50 for members. Green games are played at high-end courses and are $80 for members. Visitors and guests are welcome at any game and the cost will be either a) the cost of the game to the club plus $5, or b) $50, whichever is greater. Brisbane Fairways Golf Club is a non-profit organisation. All funds raised are spent on the club and club activities. Cheaper courses subsidise a) our more expensive courses b) prizes, trophies etc c) our end of year function.

How many players attend each match?
The club averaged 32 players to the games throughout 2020 and currently, we have around 50 members.

I have more questions, who can I contact?
The Secretary (Adam) can be emailed at adamdbain@googlemail.com. Alternatively, fill in the form on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.